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Welcome to UUs for Racial Justice

Unitarian Universalists committed to confronting and removing racism from our communities.

Our Mission

The mission of Unitarian Universalists for Racial Justice is to bring Unitarian Universalists together for mutually accountable racial justice work.

Our Values

We are committed to doing the internal work of rooting out racial bias within the congregation systems and congregational life. We make a pledge to The Mountain Top UU as a form of reparations for harm we as UUs have perpetuated upon our BIPOC siblings in the past.

Our Strategies

  • Build a unified Unitarian Universalist faith voice for racial justice.
  • Embody best practices – a UU coalition focusing on six areas;
    • Advocacy
    • Education
    • Sharing Resources
    • Direct Action
    • Partnerships/Collaboration
    • Reflection
  • Create community among UU faith leaders working for racial justice, intentionally nurturing connection, leadership, and courage among participants and beyond.
  • Maximize the leveraging of white privilege, so that we coordinate our resources to make a difference in racial justice through people, funding, media and connections, and all forms of social capital.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the larger Unitarian Universalist community outside our state on racial justice.