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Covenanting Community Interest

Thank you for your interest in UUs for Racial Justice and becoming a Covenanting Community with both UUs for Racial Justice and The Mountain Top UU. Please complete our Covenanting Community Interest Form to start your journey with UUs for Racial Justice. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out by phone 720-336-0923 x 3 or email at anytime with questions.

What Your Annual Pledge Provides

  • Support of The Mountain Top UU which provides sanctuary space for our BIPoC siblings:
    • The Mountain Top UU is the only continually evolving online & multi-platform community funded by UUs for Racial Justice for people of color along with their families who are exploring, reclaiming, reconciling, and celebrating their identities in a UU context to experience wholeness and belonging, built on deep relationships of trust, providing sanctuary and community connection with opportunities for spiritual practice, and community leadership.
  • Paid professional staffing for UUs for Racial Justice and The Mountain Top UU Community Minister and other speaker, trainers, and educators.

What We Offer

As a Covenanting Community:

  • Resources on rooting out systematic racism in our congregations, and
  • Access to guest speakers from UUs for Racial Justice and The Mountain Top UU, and
  • Annual “Sunday” service by The Mountain Top UU minister and team, and
  • You are free to share UUs for Racial Justice and The Mountain Top UU as affiliated ministries of your community/congregation, and
  • If requested, your will receive an annual assessment on community / congressional bias.

What We Ask

  • $2,000 – $10,000 (sliding scale based on congressional size and budget), and 
  • Support of UUs for Racial Justice and The Mountain Top UU events, meetings and activities, and
  • Point person to serve as a member of UUs for Racial Justice Team.